Novel ideas arising? Still needs some tweaking, but good noneoftheless. 

I've been waiting to say this for a month now, but i've expected no comments or any response whatsoever. I don't care now, it's getting so real now. The Stick Wars community has dried out completely, but I hope if we create this novel, our community could be revived somehow. I need editors, character developers, and much more for this huge project.If we could do this, so much more could come out of it. Let me explain my idea:


The novel goes through the history of how the Order began, and what became of it through multiple eras of time. The Order would have a roster of many characters that will face a question: are they on the right side? Many more details are needed to be though out, which is where the comments come in. Please comment for either the role of the jobs down below or give ideas for continuing the story.


- Editor 

- Character Development

- Planning

- Advertising (On other wikis, not actually adverts.)

Thank you for reading!

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