Stick War unitsEdit

Miner- The simple miner. This unit goes to the mini mines to mine some gold. Usually, the maximum gold it can collect is 100 unless you upgrade its bag.

Swordwrath- A club man at first, but can be upgraded to a swordsman. Swordwraths move fast and deal high damage, but can be killed easily.

Spearton- A strong unit which has a spear and a shield. It can throw its spear and replace it with a sword, dealing massive damage if the spear hits. It can also block with its shield, reducing incoming damage, even when moving.

Archidon- A basic unit. It holds a bow and arrow and shoots at enemies accurately. It can kill a Swordwrath in one hit with a headshot. Flame arrows are available on upgrade, which deal additional damage.

Magikill- A strong unit. It moves slowly, but can stun in an area or spawn Minions to aid it in battle. They can be used on and off the field by supporting you with troops, or stunning, giving you the tide of battle. The maximum number of minions is 2 without upgrades.

Giant- A very big unit that carries a large club and a stick figure. It attacks slowly and it's very hard to kill. Its attacks don't kill that much, but it usually stuns in an area.

Stick War 2 / Stick Empires: Order units & spellsEdit

Most units for Order are the same except with some additions, more specifically abilities(most of which cost manna and yes many with some obvious exceptions have recharge times)

Miners: Collects resources gold and mana, able to construct walls.

Swordwrath: Inexpensive with average attack and health, able to Rage.

Archidons: Ranged with low health, able to out range the enemy.

Merics: Cleric with the ability to heal and cure.

Magikill: Leader of Order, powerful mage able to cast explosions, poison, and electric walls.

Speartons: Tanky with great health and armor, able to form a phalanx. They can also stun with shield bash.

Shadowrath: Fast sneaky ninja with cloaking, poison and assassination.

Allbowtross: Slow flying ranged unit wheeling a crossbow, deals a good amount of damage, able to shoot flaming bolts.

Enslaved Giants: Chained up Chaos Giant that throws large boulders. Costs 1500 gold.

Swordwrath - “Rage” Effect: Swordwrath will glow red and do bonus damage for a short period of time, however the each time rage is used the unit will lose small portion of their own health. *You can't use rage if the loss of health is enough to kill yourself. 

Archidon - “Fire Arrows” Effect: Archidons will fire a single flaming arrow with extra range and damage, costing small amount of mana. Costs 350 gold.

Miner - “Wall” Effect: After a short build time the Miner constructs a wall at a location you choose impassible by enemy. This costs gold to construct is limited to two and can not be built too close to statues.

Miner - “Hustle” Effect: Miners walking speed increases and health doubles.

Spearton - “Shield Wall” Effect: Spearton will move into a defensive stance with shields in front, they will take less damage and perform the shield bash ability if researched. Click again to toggle out of the “Shield Wall”.

Shadowrath - “Fixate” Effect: A passive ability. With each consecutive strike the Shadowrath perform on a target the damage increases up for 5 times.(Does not require research as it already has this and it's free.)

Shadowrath - “Shinobi” Level 1 Effect: Once you activate this ability the Shadowrath become cloaked and untargetable by attacks. The speed of the unit is slightly decreased and costs mana. The next attack out of Shinobi will do increased damage and inflict poison on the enemy.

Shadowrath - “Shinobi” Level 2 Effect: Same Effect as Shinobi Level 1 however the next attack out of cloak will do massive increased damage in addition to inflicting poison.

Meric - “Heal” Effect: The Meric will cast a quick spell to heal a single unit at a time for a large amount of health instantly and costs mana.

Meric - “Cure” Effect: The Meric will cast a quick spell to cure a single poisoned unit at a time costing mana with each cure, once researched cure is always toggled on.

Magikill - “Blast” Effect: A targetable cast spell causing a large area effect explosion that damages multiple units, and costs mana to perform. Magikill start with this ability and does not require research.

Magikill - “Poison Spray” Effect: A directional cast spell that sprays multiple units infecting them with poison which also casts through units costing mana to perform.

Magikill “Electric Wall” Effect: A targetable powerful Wall of Electrictricity doing constant damage to anyone standing too close costing mana to perform. The wall dissipates over time.

Allbowtross - “Blazing Bolts” Effect: Allbowtross fire flaming blots with increased damage and bonus damage to armoured units.

Giant - “Growth Level 1 & Giant - Growth Level 2” Effect: Your Giant Will Increase In size and Health Dramatically.

There are more abilities like Passive income and Castle archer. Same with Chaos

Stick War 2 / Stick Empires: Chaos units & spellsEdit

(Note: All chaos units have slow health regeneration and the ability to cure poison after a period of time to compensate for no instant cure or heals although it's still faster to garrison and to cure and regenerate but remember that Order can do that too!)

Miners: Collects resources gold and mana, able to construct turrets.

Crawlers: A small fast inexpensive and powerful in packs..

Deads: Undead ranged unit that throws its own poisonous guts.

Marrowkai: A skeletal mage able to cast rows of deadly fists and summon reapers.

Medusas: Queen of the Chaos able to turn units to stone and spray pools of poison.

Bombers: Fast inexpensive quickly trained, able to explode and do massive area damage.

Juggerknights: A strong heavily armored knight able to charge and stun.

Eclipsors: Fast Flying ranged unit trained more quickly and cheaper then Albowtross.

Giants: Wielding a large club and dead unit for a weapon it smashes the ground causing stun.

Crawler - “Pack Mentality” Effect: Increasing the amount of Crawlers in your army will increase the damage of all Crawlers stacking up to 5 times.

Crawler - “Predatory Edge” Effect: Massive run speed increase for all Crawlers.

Deads - “Poison Guts” Effect: Deads can toggle on and off the ability to have their projectiles inflict poison. Each projectile cast cost a small amount of mana unless the unit is already poisoned.

Juggerknight - “Charge” Effect: Juggerknight will dash quickly in a straight line, if the unit comes in contact with the enemy during the charge it will knock them back causing damage and stunning them for a short time. This requires mana to use.

Marrowkai - “Hell Fists” Effect: A directional attack, a powerful line of fists will smash up from the ground causing instant damage to anything in its path. Requires mana to use.

Marrowkai - “Reaper” Effect: A Reaper is summoned to attack at a single unit causing it to drawn towards the Marrowkai, causing instant damage and inability to attack for a short time.

Medusa - “Petrify” Effect: Medusa stares directly at a single unit causing them to instantly turn to stone. This Costs some mana and a few unit types can not be turned but will still cause damage. Medusa starts with this ability and does not require research.

Medusa - “Venom Flux” Effect: Medusa will spit a grotesque pool of poison on the ground costing mana to cast. Enemy units that touch this pool will be inflicted with poison.

Giant - “Growth Level 1 & Giant - Growth Level 2” Effect: Your Giant Will Increase In size and Health Dramatically.

Miner - “Turret” Effect: After a short build time the Miner constructs a Turret at a location you choose. The Turret will launch damaging projectiles at Enemy units in range. This costs gold to construct is limited to two and can not be built too close to statues.

Miner - “Hustle” Effect: Miners walking speed increases.