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History Edit

The Natives, having no true name, would ambush your army after the Archidonis stage through the ways of their Native soldiers. Spearton-like units that had a much different attire and weapons than any other unit. They never reappeared in any form, and never had any true backstory behind them.

Strengths Edit

Their strength is almost identical to the Spearton, although it cannot be truly tested. About 3 non-controlled Clubwrath or 1 Archidon is able to slay a Native. They are as strong as the default Spearton, and are somewhat fast. They have never been able to control, so using these strengths to your advantage is nearly impossible.

Weaknesses Edit

The Natives have a visible weakness to archers, unless in a defending position. Their defenses are slightly weaker than those of the Spearton. Both the Spearton and the Native can be slain by 3 Clubwrath.

Trivia Edit

The Natives haven't ever been controllable to the player.

Natives are only seen in original Stick Wars.

Natives wear a shape representing a feather on their head, a similar shield, and a sharpened spear.

In Stick Empires, two items in the armory can attach to the Spearton to resemble the original Native.