Appearance Edit

The Swordwrath has virtually no clothing, similar to that of many of the original units in the original Stick Wars game. The Swordwrath wields multiple weapons, depending on what upgrade it procures. It will either wield a stone club, which has been proven because of the weapon's obvious color in Stick Wars 2, a black sword, or a black sword with the golden hilt.

Strengths (Stick Wars) Edit

The basic unit of the entire game, the Swordwrath's biggest advantage is its strength. They're much powerful than expected for their low price, and can be effective in large numbers. The upgraded speed can allow many Swordwrath to dodge invading arrows.

Stick war

Groups from left to right: Miner, Magikill, Spearton, Archidonis, Swordwrath

Teaming UpEdit

They teamed up with the Archidons to form the Denuoument (Den-new-uh-ment) and capture Pertland, after you have beaten them, the land they captured, Pertland, will come to your control.


Use WASD/ Arrow keys to move, Q to block and Spacebar to attack.


A Swordwrath is the cheapest and most effective unit (after the Spearton) to use in hand to hand combat. Swordwraths are good units and non-upgraded arrows need 3 or 4 shots to kill them (however, one good arrow to the head will be enough to kill then). A Swordwrath attacks in four ways: stabbing, slicing, kicking, and swinging with its sword (or club). The attacks do not alter damage, but the time to perform each attack does which can leave an enemy still alive, changing the entire game. A well upgraded Swordwrath is useful for controlling or mobbing.


A Swordwrath's main weaknesses are distance and mobbing. Archidons can easily kill a Swordwrath if they do not dodge the arrows or block too long. They can also be mobbed easily if the amount of attacking units is more powerful than them (Speartons).


  • They are the cheapest, only costing 150 gold, so they will load fastest.
  • They can be killed with an arrow in the head if it is upgraded.
  • They are less powerful than the Speartons.
  • Swordwrath's maximum damage is 103 (Giant health-wise)
  • Swordwrath with clubs are not called "Clubwrath," but are still called "Swordwrath." However, in Stick War 2, the Swordwrath seem to have upgraded to a new unit called the Shadowrath. Most think the new unit is a new race to be conquered, but others think it is an upgrade to the Swordwrath.
  • Swordwrath are not able to effectively block arrows with block (Q)
  • With just Miner and Swordwraths you can win the whole insane mode, if you upgrade them.
    Swordwrath vs Giants

    Five Swordwrath fighting two Giants in the first game during the level "No Man's Land"

    SW2 swordwrath image

    The swordwrath image in Stick War 2 and Stick Empires

Stick War TCG (Trading Card Game)Edit

Cost G or M/1(POP)/2(ATK)/3(DEF)/4(LP)/5(MP)/6(r) or (m) /7Ability

  • Swordwrath (N)
  • Sworddwrath (A)
  • Swordwrath (E)
  • Swordwrath (M)
Swordwrath : Normal : cost 100G 1/1/0/1/1/m/no

Swordwrath : Advanced : cost 100G 1/1/0/2/1/m/no

Swordwrath : Elite: cost 150G 2/2/1/2/1/m/no

Swordwrath : Master : cost 150G 2/3/1/2/m/no