This is a work-in-progress guide, so it is reccomended to check out the official StickPage guide for a more in-depth guide.

Level 1: ArchidonsEdit

This is the first level when you played Stick wars for the first time, It is a tutorial level to teach you how the game works like: Summoning Miners, controlling your units, and many more, It is a basic level where you only unlock the Archidons. Once you finish this level you there's not much strategies on this level due to this being a tutorial level.

Level 2: AmbushedEdit

The second level is an ambush point for the enemies to attack the player but don't worry, as you only need to survive until sunset, rather than destroying another statue.

To win this level by surviving the ambush until sunset you need to spawn as much Clubwraths as much as you can to maintain the spearton type enemies away but if you don't have enough time before you can summon the Clubwraths Garrison your units and let the spike archers take them down for you, once the enemies are dead use the "Defend" command to continue getting resources once you got enough units you don't need to Garrison your units you can watch the fight until the sunset.

You can use the same process but with Archidon it is useful for term of long range but they have low health and costs 300 gold but if you got a pack of Archidons then you're done with the level.

You can combine Clubwraths and Archidon for greater defense it combines the Archidons Bow and arrows and the Clubwraths close quarter combat to keep the native/spearton off.

Level 3: SwordwrathsEdit

The swordraths are an upgraded version of your clubman and will easily slice through them. The archidons you earned during the first level will be useful here,as they outrange and can insta kill Swordwraths. Create clubmen too, however, as the Swordwrath will easily reach and kill the archidons if there is nothing blocking the way. I suggest upgrading the Archidon quiver, as it increases the damage of the arrows.

Another strategy is to train a ton of archers and train a few club men so that you take them out fast if you charge the archers will back up all of the club soldiers from a distance.

You can summon as much Clubwraths as you can to outnumber the enemies, though using only club men is incredibly ineffective.

Level 4: SpeartonsEdit

Remember the ambush level? You can use a similar strategy here but try to keep a user controlled swordman at the enemy at all times,the Speartons will retreat into their base during the first setup phases, allowing you to damage their statue. During the final wave where the Speartons will usually have two or three Speartons up front, send your entire army forward to attack them as 18 Swordmen can beat three Speartons.

Level 5: Swordwrath counterattackEdit

The swordwrath are attempting to counterattack you with a large number of swordmen. They will attack right before the sun sets so the have time to set up your miners and get as many Archidons as possible,before the attack, you should also attempt to train some swordmen to cover your statue and Archidons. The swordwrath are incredibly weak, and they only attack at sunset, so before you train any troops, get 8 Miners, as they will not be in any immediate danger.

You can just get 4 Castle Archidons to shoot at the swordwrath while keeping a few gold for swordwrath while also saving some for Miners and Speartons

Level 6: MagikillEdit

The Magikill level doesn't have much difficulty besides the fact that the Magikill can stun your troops and the minions will get free hits. A good combinations of Archidons and swordman are required here,with a spearton thrown in if you prefer. The same thing goes with the archers, if you go way up or down, you might dodge the magikill's stun attack and you can attack from behind, but these units are they only one with the giant that don't get insta killed from the back. Also, if you don't know that, any unit can insta kill of you attack the enemy from the back besides for Magikill and Giant.

Level 7:PertlandEdit

Pertland is the first combination level you will have. This level is a combination of Archidons and Swordrath. A Spearton or two accompanied by Archidons can easily beat this level,as they are immune to headshots and have a high damaging attack and good blocking chance. The best defence is offense so just build as many speartons as possible in the smallest amount of time then make one or two archidons and take control them pick off the miners one by one cutting them off from reinforcments them send the main force to destroy everything.

Level 8:WestwindEdit

Westwind is another combination level,this time with Archidons and Speartons. A Spearton accompanied by Swordman and magikills should be able to beat this level with little trouble, just replace any lost units. And if you start off with the wrong combo you should restart.

Level 11: Ice HillsEdit

Use Archidons, Swordwraths and Speartons in this level. I'd use 2 Giants for the front to defend your troops when running to the enemy's statue.

Final Level: DesertEdit

The desert uses the Ice Hills increased damage and health units,along with giving them an insane amount of starting miners. The units you used your upgrade points on is a key factor on the last level, as it will determine what units will be used. My personal best strategy for the final level is Full upgrades on Gold production from statue, fully upgrade every skill on the miner, swordsman, Archidons, and Giants. Once you destroy the statue, a Supergiant will appear and will at as the last enemy (excluding usually another gianjt, magikill, or Archidon.) Your giant will be the gamechanger here, as this giant has triple the health of a normal giant. Defeat him and you win.

Another way to kill the giant is to control a Swordwrath, and continuously do a jump attack right after the giant starts their attack animation, as the jump attack not only deals damage, but also moves you out of the way of the attack, meaning the only troop you need is one swordwrath. Archidons are useful, as they are not melee, meaning they can attack from afar without getting killed, speeding up the process.

On Stick Wars Legacy Edit

When you destroy the statue, the Supergiant that spawns will be killed by an unnamed giant, significantly bigger than a regular giant.

The best strategy is to have your troops defend, and then control a swordwrath, and use their jump attack to dodge the giant’s attacks, while harming the giant, as they still attack very slowly. When the giant begins their attack animation, run towards the giant, and do a jump attack (instructions shown when you tap the book icon on the main menu).

Stay behind the giant, until it turns towards you and begins their attack animation, then repeat the instructions.

Archidons are useful, as the giant will not target them, and because they can deal tons of damage to the giant.

When the giant‘s health goes to 0, a spearton will attempt to kill the giant. During this, just tap a whole bunch of times.