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Stick War 2 - Order Empire Intro StickpageStick War 2 - Order Empire Intro
The intro
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Stick EmpiresEdit

Stick Empires is a game set in the same universe as Stick Wars, Inamorta. In this game , things have changed. In Stick Wars, the army called Order defeated the surrounding nations Swordwrath, 

The loading page for Stick War 2

Archidon, Spearton, and Magikill

In this game, the remaining swordwraths, archidons, speartons ect from the first game plan to rebel against Order's rule over Inamorta as revenge for the massacre of their people. They now live on the outskirts of their own homes secretly forging weapons and bonding together to lead mass rebellion(see link below).In this game there are also new Order characters; such as shadowwrath, a dark ninja who can turn invisible and poison units, albowtross, a flying unit who fires bolts from a crossbow and meric, a magic unit which can heal and cure fellow units. 

In the game you play the role of Order, trying to crush the rebellion and bring them under Order's rule again. As you defeat each different unit, they are forced to join order again. However, once you defeat every rebel, a new darker and more powerful threat emerges, the Chaos empire, with units that Order can't capture and fight for their side (apart from the giant). In Order, the leader is the Magikill while the leader for Chaos is Medusa, who has powers that reflect those of the Greek mythical gorgon of the same name. The main goal is to defeat Chaos and restore Order, real order to the country.

This is the official intro video to Stick Empires.


  • Speartons (Level 1)
  • Archidons (Level 2)
  • Shadowrath (Level 3)
  • Magikill (Level 4)
  • Westwind (Level 5)
  • No Man's (Level 6)
  • Ice Hills (Level 7)
  • Juggerknights (Level 8)
  • Deads (Level 9)
  • Crawlers (Level 10)
  • Eclipsors (Level 11)
  • Marrowkai (Level 12)
  • The Gate (Level 13)
  • Castle (Level 14)


  • You can now play with other players.
  • There are many new backgrounds you can use as a battle field:
    • Desert
    • Frozen wasteland
    • Grassy hills
    • Forest
    • Castle
    • Halloween
    • Swamp
  • You have to be a member (free) to be able to play.
  • You have to be a "gold" member (USD $3.99 a month) to unlock the Chaos Empire.
  • The upgrading system on campaign mode has changed dramaticly from the first games' upgrade system
  • The Magikill Minions and Natives have been removed from the game.
  • You can buy new weapons and gadgetry for your army.
  • To buy these items, you must have Empire coins or E Coins which could be gained through playing, being a member or purchasing E coins online.
  • Their are four new classes added to the army of Order: Albowcross (winged archer), Enslaved Giant (captured from Chaos territory), Meric (healer), and Shadowrath (ninja).
  • The army of Chaos is all new classes except for Miner and Giant: Medusa (queen, also the gorgon Medusa from the Myths), Marrowkia (skeleton mage), Juggerknights (heavily armored units that carry large shields and axes), Crawlers (cat-like animals), Bombers (charge and explode), Dead (zombie units that throw poisonous guts as weapons), and Eclipsor (winged archer unit).
  • You can now chat with friends and opponents during battle.
  • You will aquire in order:
    • Miner(#1) and Swordwrath(#2) (Default)
    • Spearton(#6) (Stage 1)
    • Archidon(#3) (Stage 2)
    • Shadowrath(#7) (Stage 3)
    • Meric(#4) and Magikill(#5) (Stage 4)
    • Enslaved Giant(#9) (Stage 5)
    • Albowtross(#8) (Stage 9)

  •  The Chaos Enemies You will face in order
    • Giant
    • Bombers
    • Juggerknight
    • Dead
    • Crawler
    • Eclipsor
    • Marrowkai
    • Medusa

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