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Stick War 2 - Order Empire Intro Stickpage02:05

Stick War 2 - Order Empire Intro

The intro

Stick War 2 EmpiresEdit



  • Speartons (Level 1)
  • Archidons (Level 2)
  • Shadowrath (Level 3)
  • Magikill (Level 4)
  • Westwind (Level 5)
  • No Man's (Level 6)
  • Ice Hills (Level 7)
  • Juggerknights (Level 8)
  • Deads (Level 9)
  • Crawlers (Level 10)
  • Eclipsors (Level 11)
  • Marrowkai (Level 12)
  • The Gate (Level 13)
  • Castle (Level 14)


  • You can now play with other players.
  • There are many new backgrounds you can use as a battle field:
    • Desert
    • Frozen wasteland
    • Grassy hills
    • Forest
    • Castle
    • Halloween
    • Swamp
  • You have to be a member (free) to be able to play.
  • You have to be a "gold" member (USD $3.99 a month) to unlock the Chaos Empire.
  • The upgrading system on campaign mode has changed dramatically from the first games' upgrade system
  • The Magikill Minions and Natives have been removed from the game.
  • You can buy new weapons and gadgetry for your army.
  • To buy these items, you must have Empire coins or E Coins which could be gained through playing, being a member or purchasing E coins online.
  • Their are four new classes added to the army of Order: Albowcross (winged archer), Enslaved Giant (captured from Chaos territory), Meric (healer), and Shadowrath (ninja).
  • The army of Chaos is all new classes except for Miner and Giant: Medusa (queen, also the gorgon Medusa from the Myths), Marrowkia (skeleton mage), Juggerknights (heavily armored units that carry large shields and axes), Crawlers (cat-like animals), Bombers (charge and explode), Dead (zombie units that throw poisonous guts as weapons), and Eclipsor (winged archer unit).
  • You can now chat with friends and opponents during battle.
  • You will aquire in order:
    • Miner(#1) and Swordwrath(#2) (Default)
    • Spearton(#6) (Stage 1)
    • Archidon(#3) (Stage 2)
    • Shadowrath(#7) (Stage 3)
    • Meric(#4) and Magikill(#5) (Stage 4)
    • Enslaved Giant(#9) (Stage 5)
    • Albowtross(#8) (Stage 9)

  •  The Chaos Enemies You will face in order
    • Giant
    • Bombers
    • Juggerknight
    • Dead
    • Crawler
    • Eclipsor
    • Marrowkai
    • Medusa

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