Stick War 2 - Order Empire Intro Stickpage

Stick War 2 - Order Empire Intro

The intro

Stick War 2 Story and ChangesEdit

The story takes place many years after Order united their neighboring tribes. During the years between the two games, many of aspects of the army changed. First, giants were released from service. Archidons were no longer taught to do headshots. Magikill were forced to release their little demon minions.

Areas And StrategiesEdit

  • Speartons (Level 1)

East simple level.  Build up some miners, then just spam swords.  Attack in one massive wave.   You will probably face only two Speartons.

  • Archidons (Level 2)

Another easy one.  Build up miners, then some swords, then speartons.  They do have a bit of archers, and a couple of swords, but they retreat easily.

  • Shadowrath (Level 3)

Stuff starts to get harder.  The level is just swords and Ninjas for the enemy but be careful!  They start with an early raid so prepare for that.  They do have a lot of swords and ninjas which can be devestating to your archers.  Also, they get wall archers, so plan for that as well.

  • Magikill (Level 4)
  • Westwind (Level 5)
  • No Man's (Level 6)

The quickest level. You will only be facing one giant, and once you kill it, you win the level. Spam swords, you will get one only out before the giant comes. The others will be reinforcements.

  • Ice Hills (Level 7)
  • Juggerknights (Level 8)
  • Deads (Level 9)
  • Crawlers (Level 10)
  • Eclipsors (Level 11)
  • Marrowkai (Level 12)
  • The Gate (Level 13)
  • Castle (Level 14)


  • You can now play with other players.
  • There are many new backgrounds you can use as a battle field
  • You have to be a member (free) to be able to play.
  • You have to be a "gold" member (USD $3.99 a month, gosh that's expensive!) to unlock the burgerking Empire.
  • The upgrading system on campaign mode has changed dramatically from the first games' upgrade system
  • The Magikill Minions and Natives have been removed from the game.
  • You can buy new weapons and gadgetry for your army.
  • To buy these items, you must have Empire coins or E Coins which could be gainingd through playing, being a member or purchasing E coins online.
  • Their are four new classes added to the army of Order: Albutross (winged archer), Enslaved giant (healer), and Shadowrath (ninja).
  • The army of is all new classes except for Miner and Giant: Medusa (queen, also the gorgon Medusa from the Myths), Marrowkia (skeleton mage), Juggerknights (heavily armored units that carry large shields and axes), Crawlers (cat-like animals), Bombers (charge and explode), Dead (zombie units that throw poisonous guts as weapons), and Eclipsor (winged archer unit).
  • You can now chat with friends and opponents during battle.
  • You will aquire in order:
    • GIANT

  •  The Chaos Enemies You will face in order
    • Giant
    • Juggerknight
    • Crawler
    • Eclipsor
    • Marrowkai
    • Medusa