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Speartons are a unit used in Stick War and Stick War 2. Their name is a spin-off of a Spartan. They are strong and very helpful units. They use a long spear and a round shield. They also wear a helmet which stops them from getting killed quickly by Archidons. In Stick War 1, To play Stick War 2, click here.

Strengths (Stick Wars) Edit

They were able to throw their spears and pull out a sword to continue fighting. The spear can do a lot of damage(appx.400)They can no longer do this in Stick War 2. They are heavily armored and very powerful tank units. One Spearton can hold off up to three Swordwrath. Although they can no longer throw spears in Stick War 2, they can form a shield wall and bash their enemies with a shield.

Weaknesses (Both Games)Edit

Mobs of Swordwrath

Stick Empires Stick War GamesEdit

Abilities Maxed SpeartonEdit

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Throw Spear





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Mobs of Swordwrath


  • Kills the final boss in the original game's phone port.
  • Is the most tanky of all the small troops (giants have more hp duh!)
  • Can completely negate arrows with their shields which allow for a wall of them being made with a Swordwrath rush being prepared in the back.
  • Can actually out snipe an archer if used correctly.