"Born to die, But not before them!"
- Stick Empires Profile Slogan

Appearance Edit


An upgraded Spearton in Stick War

Speartons, used throughout the entire Stick Wars series, and have continued to use the same weapons and clothing. Their attire consists of the gold helmet, with a burgundy Mohawk attaching to the top of it. The Spearton uses a spear, with a tip that is made preferably from either copper or gold, and a golden shield.

Strengths (Stick Wars) Edit

The Spearton has been shown multiple times before to prove powerful as a heavy unit, able to tank damage from every other enemy. As well as being highly defensive, the unit is extremely powerful, with the initial throw of his spear being able to immediately slay a Swordwrath or Archidon.

Originally in Stick Wars, the Spearton would automatically head towards the front of your fleet. This might be due to the Spearton being the leading role of the Order.

The unit is reasonably fast, along with the ability to deflect arrows or initial attacks while walking, unlike any other unit.

Although very few, the Spearton is ineffective against Giants, as they've been able to stun Speartons until death. Along with the obvious Swordwrath massing, there aren't too many other weaknesses to the unit.

Strengths (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire) Edit

The Spearton has remained with the same advantages, but dimmed down to allow fairer gameplay. The unit is about as defensive as before, along with being able to block a bit faster, but besides that. Not much has improved.

Weaknesses (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire) Edit

The Spearton has grown to more than a few weaknesses, the biggest being Giants, Swordwrath massing, Albowtross, and Magikill.


  • Spearton culture is heavily inspired from the greek warriors known as Spartans, as both are proud, warrior-like societies, that have very similar fighting styles.
  • Speartons do not use short swords in Stick wars 2, this was most likely done to avoid confusion with swordwrath.
  • Speartons are some of the few races to have a voice actor, as seen in the animations known as: "Kill the spartan"
  • A series of animations known as "kill the spartan" depict action scenes during the battle between order and speartons. Clearly this was one of the harshest battles during the conquest of Inamorta.
  • Speartons are still shown as one of the most important units in Stick War : Legacy edition. In the final level upon defeating the giant, a spearton will appear running shouting "I will end this, for the Order Empire!" before being picked up by the giant. After which the player must tap the screen and the spearton will pierce his spear into the giant's eye, killing him instantly.
  • In Stick War Legacy edition NPC speartons can't throw spear without spells, but however if the player throws a spear, it will do massive damage, enough to deplete and un-upgraded giant's half health.
  • Speartons are the only units that can block and move at the same time, excluding swordwrath from Stick War Legacy edition.
  • In Stick War 2, Speartons will yell "Speartons, HOLD!" when blocking.
  • If clearly noticed, speartons hold shields on both hands. The spearton on the opening screen of Stick War 2 and the speartons fighting from right side hold shield in their left hand, while speartons fighting from left side hold it in their right hand. This applies for all Stick War versions. It is most probably to show the shield of the Speartons.