Order is one of the nations in the world of Inamorta, where you (the player) are the ruler. You are surrounded by smaller war-loving and undeveloped nations whom worship their own unique weapons and constantly battle one another to show who is mightier. Your goal is to conquer these nations and introduce the traditional Order weapon of peace and harmony, showing that warfare is not the way of life.


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In the original Stick War,you control the nation of Order. Order is the smallest nation from the original map,but as you defeat the enemy nations,your territory grows until it encompasses the entire map.You orginally start with Miners and Swordrath,but you gain new technologies and units as you progress. In Stick Wars 2, the nations who were attacked by Order rebelled against the former empire.Soon, the Order Empire will meet the Chaos Empire from the depths of the underworld and after learning this threat, the Nations,led by the Magikill,offered a truce to combine all nations to renew the old Order.Now, Order is has a new enemy and a new ally.