Omega Giant

The Omega Giant

History Edit

The final boss of Stick Wars, or Omega Giant, was introduced at the last level. It had no backstory, nor a proper place in the game. It is awakened after completing the basic gameplay, destroying the statue. Interesting enough, another giant, being slightly bigger than a maximum upgraded giant, was never named or mentioned. He is soon shoved off the base of the statue, instantly killing him, to bring the real boss. After stepping over the corpse of the dead unnamed giant, the war truly begins. In Stick War: Legacy, the Omega Giant appears, deals damage to some of your units, then gets killed by the real final boss, a giant with a skull mask twice the size of the Omega Giant.

Strengths Edit

The Omega Giant is strong in almost every category, excluding speed, as he is quite slow.

Weaknesses Edit

The Omega Giant, being the strongest character in the game, has almost no weaknesses. Besides creating fleets of Giants, Speartons, and Archidons towards it, it's only true weakness is a user controlled giant attacking from behind.

Trivia Edit

No other available unit is equal in health, strength, or size.

The Omega Giant only ever has shown up in the last level of Stick War.

Another giant of similar, yet bigger, height and damage appears in Stick War: Legacy.

The Omega Giant is only a nickname, as the giant has no real name.