Stickwar guide fortify

The natives are shown on the right.

Natives are strong enemies that can take three clubwraths to kill it.


Natives have big sheilds and long spears. Their attacks are very powerful against archidon and clubwrath and can sometimes block arrows. They have a bit more lives than clubwraths and archidons.

==Weaknesses== The so called "Natives" as they have no name mentioned in the game have a few weaknesses. The first is that occasionally they will stop blocking arrows for a second. However this is not recommended as Archidon are expensive and in their reload times the "Natives" will charge and kill. The easiest and more recommended method is to get 4 miners and the rest on Clubwrath. In the periods between strikes mine with your character select and when they attack select a warrior and fight them. Keep a eye on your money and whenever possible buy Clubwrath. On the last attack you can either attack and fight them in the field or garrison and fire arrows. If you choose the latter and your hitpoints go down below 25% exit garrison mode and defend. If you have swordwrath already, then... good. The native archer has no known weaknesses. Kill them, as they have ranged weapons. They are the most lethal of the native tribe.However,a barge of Speartons will overun them.Overall,the Natives greatest weakness is the Speartons.


  • - Only on stage 2.
  • - On the natives level you must survive until the sun goes down.
  • - Not much is known about the stick war natives.
  • - They are one of the only unplayable stickmen in the game apart from the boss giant in last stand.