Griffon the Great is a special unit of the Order Empire, and is the leader of all giants. Hired from the shop for a staggering 1,000 gems, Griffon the Great is an extremely powerful being, the strongest of the Order Empire. Armed with a unique face plate and a lethal molten pick, it is often used in times of desperation.


Nothing of Griffon the Great is known, including his backstory. He is just the leader of the giant pack and will come to your aid for a hefty price of 1,000 gems.

Strengths Edit

Griffon the Great is the strongest available Order character in the game, so his strengths are vast with weaknesses few and far in between. Griffon is very durable, being able to stand up to the likes of the Final Boss of SWL and sustaining a full army head on. Griffon also does around 125 damage each hit, making him a match for the likes of the boss. With support from Tower Archers or the Order Army, nothing can get in his way.

Weaknesses Edit

Griffon the Great, while being extremely great, comes with a few disadvantages. Griffon is ungodly expensive compared to the rest of the shop items (the second most expensive item only costs 500) and is not recommended for use on Tournaments or levels before the Final Battle. Also, if Griffon is not accompanied by other units, he could be eventually overwhelmed with the other army after continued combat, as with the nature of all giants. He is also not as powerful as the Final Boss, although a user controlled one could possibly do the trick.