History Edit

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Hired as a mercenary, Griffon the Great can be bought at the Gem Shop for 1,000 gems. Griffon's backstory is unknown. He is only available in Stick Wars: Legacy.

Strengths Edit

Griffon the Great is the strongest available character in the game, so his strengths are amazing. His strength and health are much higher and stronger than the likes of an Order giant at maximum upgrades can be devastating to masses of Swordwraths, Archidons, Speartons, and Mages. His power is almost equal to the final boss of the game.

Weaknesses Edit

Griffon the Great is truly only weak against hordes of Order giants, or the final boss.The final boss is able to defeat up to 2 Griffon the Greats before being much to weak to face another. A total of 3 Griffon the Greats are needed to kill the final boss without any support from other infantry. Other than that, Griffon the Great is pretty great.

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