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The Final Boss, encapsulated in the statue.

The Final Boss is a Giant of Gargantuan proportions, originating from the depths of No Man's Land. Final Boss is the last enemy to be slain at the Order's hands in the original Stick War.

History Edit

Before the events of the Desert, the Final Boss recieves no individual origin, falling under the "came from No Man's Land" group origin of the Giants in general.

Somewhere down the line, the Giant clan, led by the Final Boss, had formed a coalition with the other failing countries in an effort to eliminate the Order. Hidden within the stone surface of the coalition's statue, the Final Boss would wait to strike the Order ranks, using the element of surprise to defeat their long-time enemy

The Order then did so later in the midst of battle, breaking open the creature from it's 'shell'. With great struggle, however, the coalition's plan fails and the Final Boss is slain.

Battlefield Abilities Edit

Strengths (Stick War) Edit

The Final Boss had one advantage that surpassed any that the soldiers of the Order had to offer, durability. Giants, dealing 480 damage per swing, could hit the creature ten to twenty times before finally vanquishing the Final Boss. While doing the same damage per swing with the Final Boss, a fully-upgraded Giant could take two to three hits before being vanquished. Final Boss was willing to take what he could dish out, and was fully able to independently taking on an entire army because of this.

Weaknesses (Stick War) Edit

The Final Boss, to put bluntly, was staggeringly slow. Taking an estimated five minutes to reach the other side of the map, the Final Boss moves at a slower pace than a Miner, at over ten times it's height. This made for user-controlled units to be exceptionally decent for dodging the Final Boss's attacks or swinging at the back end of the creature without a reaction from the Giant.

Due to this slow tendency, the Final Boss can be easily overwhelmed with Order ranks, similar to most other expensive units. However, this weakness is partially resolved, as the Final Boss is accompanied by a large army of his own after the statue has initially fallen.

Appearance Edit

The Final Boss stands towering over any other unit, standing around four times larger than the standard giant. Otherwise, however, the creature remains the same as it's smaller brethren. It should be noted that the Final Boss's health bar is about two times as long as that belonging to a fully upgraded Order Giant.

Notes Edit

  • The Final Boss, along with the Native, are the two units that are unable to be user-controlled in the original Stick War.