Have any ideas that you think should be in Stick Wars? Here's your chance to tell Crazy Jay what you think should be in the game.

My Personal Ideas

  1. Cavalry
  • Spearton Cavalry
  • Swordwrath Cavalry

2. Dogs

  • Trained/Listen to Spearton, Swordwrath, or other.

3.A new Economy unit other than miners

Perhaps there should be prayers who just pray, are cheaper than miners and can fight like swordwraths


Just like the Swordwrath but only carries a BIG axe which deals more damage and has higher healthbars.

5. Iceling

Very small unit. They are armed with a curvy sword and a carved shield. A touch from their sword will freeze an attacking opponent, making their enemies still much longer than a stun and their shield defends against enemy attacks with the "Hard Ice" skill. They are, however, quite inadequate when it comes to actual firepower: they don't do a lot of damage and don't have much more health than a Swordwrath, so support is needed to make the freeze ability usefull. It costs 450 gold and 100 mana, and has a population of 1.

Empire Heroes

  1. Amun - The god of creation, this unit has high attack damage, high health, and high speed. This unit costs 2500 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  2. Hathor - The god of love, this unit has a low attack, high health, and extremely high speed. She can have the enemy units avoid attacking her units. Hathor costs 1600 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  3. Ra - The god of the sun, this unit has a high attack damage, mediocre health, and high speed. This unit costs 2000 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  4. Horus - The king of the gods, this unit has extremely high attack damage, extremely high health, and extremely high speed. This unit costs 3000 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  5. Spartacus - The strongest gladiator in the Roman Empire, has extremely high health and defence. This unit costs 1000 gold.
  6. King Midas - The king of the Midas Empire. Has high attack and costs 1000 gold.
  7. King Vikra - The king of the Indian Empire. Has high defense and costs 1100 gold and 100 mana.
  8. Broden - The most elite Bezerker in the Relic Empire. Has high health and costs 1000 gold.
  9. Kai - The most elite Spearton in the Order Empire, slayed the final boss of Stick Wars: Legacy. Has high health and costs 1000 gold.
  10. Dreadra - The king of the Undead Empire. Has high speed and costs 900 gold.
  11. Slugg - The king of the Toxic Empire. Has high attack and costs 900 gold.
  12. Kodran - The king of the Ordell Empire. Has extremely high attack and costs 1200 gold.
  13. Bantrodan - The king of the Brute Legion. Has extremely high attack, defence, and health. Costs 5000 gold.
  14. Sinz - The leader of the Sinz Gang. Has extremely high attack, but somewhat low health. Costs 1000 gold.
  15. Dein - The leader of the United Nations of the Ordell. Has mainly melee advantages, and costs 2000 gold.
  16. Brody - The leader of the Brutallion Gang. Has extremely high health, but somewhat low attack. Costs 1200 gold.
  17. General Lancelot- A walking armory. Carries every single weapon in the game, and has high versatility. The man himself has low health, but when he arrives, he comes in a heavily armed and armored tank equipped with machine guns, lasers, TESLA turrets, freeze guns, gas canister launchers, a freeze ray, a healing beam, mounted flamethrowers, a shield generator, a portable factory, and, of course, nukes. When the tank is destroyed, the general comes out to fight. However, the tank is extremely slow, ad takes a while to begin launching it's immense volley of powerful attacks, and the general himself, out of the tank, is very fragile, though versatile..

The Fan-Created Stick War Timeline

Write ideas in the depicted empires, please check spelling and punctuation:

  1. ==The Egyptian Empire==
  2. Ancient Priest - The earliest form of organized workers, this unit can generate large amounts of mana and small amounts of gold. This unit costs 100 mana. Is needed to create any of the gods.
  3. Spearwrath - The earliest form of organized soldiers, this unit has a mediocre attack damage and low health. This unit costs 100 mana and 25 gold.
  4. Bowrath - The earliest form of organized archers, this unit has a high attack damage and extremely low health. This unit costs 125 mana and 25 gold.
  5. ==The Roman Empire==
  6. Townsman - A form of the miner, this unit has low health and gains moderate amounts of gold. Costs 100 gold.
  7. Centurian - While not a true soldier, the Centurian can guide the Legiantons into formations to boost chances of survival that the units couldn't have done without the Centurian. Costs 100 gold.
  8. Auxiwrath - Recruited from other civilizations, the unit deals medium damage and has low health. Costs 100 gold.
  9. Legianton - The strongest fighters in the Roman Empire, the unit does medium damage and has high health. The ancestor to the Spearton, this unit costs 300 gold.
  10. Cavalrae - The cavalry of the Roman Empire, the unit has high speed and health. Costs 350 gold.
  11. ==The Midas Empire==
  12. Peasant - Used to collect gold and mana. Costs 100 gold.
  13. Spearwrath - Peasants with spears, good for small fights. Costs 125 gold.
  14. Bruteman - Better equipped than Spearwrath. Costs 200 gold.
  15. Troyal - Shieldmen used to protect other units. Costs 150 gold.
  16. Mitadon - Earlier forms of Archidons. Costs 250 gold.
  17. Bruntsen - The knights of the Midas Empire. Costs 350 gold.
  18. Kingsman - Midas's personal guards. Costs 500 gold.
  19. Myant - Armored giants that are held in great honor in their homelands. Uses a large escalibur in combat. Costs 1700 gold.
  20. ==The Native Empire==
  21. Native Gatherer - The primitive miner of their time, the Gatherer was a unit that could gather a low amount of money. The unit costs 75 gold each.
  22. Azewrath - The basic warrior of the Natives, the Azewrath was a unit that was powerful but extremely vulnerable. The unit costs 100 gold each.
  23. Nateon - The primitive Spearton, the Nateon has the ability to sacrifice, Which destroys himself, and spreads his health to his surrounding units. The unit costs 350 gold and 100 mana each.
  24. Slingwrath - The Slingwrath was the basic ranged unit of their time, the Slingwrath was a slow firing slingmen. The unit costs 150 gold.
  25. ==The Relic Empire==
  26. Summoners - Reminiscent of the original Magikill, has ability to spawn mercenaries to your disposal.
  27. Axewrath - Able to handle and manuever a battleaxe that eliminates basic Swordwrath in one hit, albeit slowly.
  28. Cannoners - Ranged artillery, able to wipe out basic Swordwrath and Archidons instantly.
  29. Farmer - Provides gold, and costs much less than a miner.
  30. Lancer - Strong infantry unit with a dangerous lance with the ability to charge over a Miner Wall unharmed.
  31. Bezerkers - Melee tank whose attacks grow stronger as his health lowers.
  32. Ariateer - Magikill with the access of a flying carpet.
  33. Moltoven - A Chaos unit with the ability to throw exploding molotovs.
  34. Zeppelin - King of the skies, can fly using the Wings of the Gods. Has two Crossbowman by his side at all times.
  35. Houndsman - Summons the dogs, equivalent to the Chao's crawlers, wields a smaller, weaker bow.
  36. Warper - The Warper is a very skilled unit with low health, having the ability to teleport, exactly what it sounds like, detonation, which combusts the closest swordwrath or archidon, and protocol, which sends him and the closest enemy next to him into the vacuum of space. (These suggestions were heavily redone by SpoodermanAlwaysCan, mostly revising ideas and spelling.)
  37. Gold Golem - Formed from the combination of gold brought in from miners, the unit costs 2,000 gold and 500 mana, has high health and defence, but has the lowest attack of any Golem, used to tank any unit.
  38. Mana Spirit - An Elemental empire unit that formed from the mixture of oxygen and mana, a unit that costs 300 mana, can easily upgrades nearby units attack and damage reduction, 3 units at the maximum, and they can explode for high damage.
  39. Alchemist - A slightly more evolved version of a Meric. The unit costs 500 gold and mana, and is able to create and throw potions that have the chance to hold one of three upgrades, attack (5/10 chance), defense (4/10 chance), and a possible chance of a second life (1/10 chance).
  40. Shieldman - A large group of Speartons that had traded their spears for a larger shield, able to tank damage with their shield, untouchable to Archidons, and has no weapon.
  41. Soul Leach - Reaper's small minions, expandable and extremely cheap, can only deals damage to units with mana cost, regains health from it's victims, but constantly loses it. Costs 50 gold.
  42. Gold Wizard - Costs 1,000 gold and takes up 5 units, can regenerate gold mines to full ore in less than 20 seconds. Does no damage.
  43. Clubwrath - Came back to fight in the 2nd Stick War, refusing to throw away the weapon that helped them escape death. Does slightly less damage than usual Swordwrath, but can stun up to 3 units at once, costs 150 gold.
  44. Shadow Barrier - Used by the Shadow Knights after Medusa's entire Miner colony was slain, and was used as a replacement for Miner Walls, has a small tower equipped with an Undead, costs 500 gold, and has slightly less health than the Miner Wall.
  45. Whelour - Fused from the combination of a Treature and Cycloid. Whelour can heal units and destroy a Miner Wall or Shadow Barrier.
  46. ==The Undead Empire==
  47. Ghoul - The deceased soul of a Miner. Only costs 25 gold, 50 mana, and no unit space. It confuses the closest unit, having that said unit attack his fellow soldiers. Does not effect the Undeads.
  48. Nightmare - An aerial melee unit, avoids all attacks done by non-magical units. Swoops into the unit, and tears into it immediately, which can kill a Swordwrath in a fraction of a second. Costs 500 gold and 200 mana.
  49. Reaper - A Chaos unit introduced after the death of Medusa, a very expensive with high damage and medium health, when it kills something, the owner gains mana. Is reminiscent of the Marowak.
  50. Parasite - A chaos unit that was formed on the stomach of a deceased Undead, a unit that costs 100 gold and mana, it can control the unit closest to him for up to 10 seconds, sending him flailing into the onslaught of your army, never to be seen again.
  51. Frost Giant - Based off the Asgardian legend, the Frost Giant wields a heavy club in his right hand. After his health has been lowered halfway, he drops his club, walking near the mines, and pulls chunks of ore out of the ground. Using the ore as a boulder, then using his Frost Breath to finish off the opponent. The Frost Giant is weaker than all other giants. The Frost Giant legion is seperated into two empires.
  52. ==The Blood Empire==
  53. Leukocyte - Formed from billions of white blood cells, the Leukocyte has an extraordinarily high attack, although slightly lessened defense from that of the Spearton.
  54. Blood Pool - A pool that heals blood units and disables their constant damage and cannot heal anything else. But can heal enemy Blood units.
  55. Blood Wall - A structure that protects any Blood units from 75% damage done by an opponent. Constantly loses health, but can be rebuilt by the miner.
  56. Blatrin - Alchemics that had gone insane after researching the properties of blood, the Blatrin are crazed melee units that are slightly weaker to that of the Spearton. They are a close representation of the Order's Swordwrath.
  57. Bratrodin - Leukocytes that wield infected bows, the Bratrodin has an extremely high HP and attack, but constantly lose health. Can be regained from killing enemy units.
  58. ==The Toxic Empire==
  59. Toxic Chompling - A large group of mutated Chomplers that where abandoned, creating their own empire. These extremely weak units slowly engulf an enemy unit, consuming it whole creates another slime. These are the basic units used for the rest of the units in the Toxic Empire.
  60. Sludgemen - A combination of 20 different Toxic Chomplings, the Sludgemen is a loyal unit that has the exact strength of the Spearton, but with the ability to seperate back into 20 Toxic Chomplings.
  61. Mutarcher - A combination of 15 different Toxic Chomplings, the Mutacher is a ranged unit that can fire up to three poison arrows, and can seperate back into 15 Toxic Chomplings.
  62. Toxicaster - A combination of 5 Toxic Chomplings and 1 Mutarcher, this unit is ranged, sending projectiles of toxin at the enemy, and can seperate back into 5 Toxic Chomplings and 1 Mutarcher.
  63. Slimewrath - A combination of 5 different Toxic Chomplings, the Slimewrath is physically identical to that of a Swordwrath. These units are great in numbers, so many strategies can be created using this unit. It cannot seperate back into the 5 different Toxic Chomplers.
  64. Sludgebomb - A combination of 2 different Toxic Chomplers , the Sludgebomb is a bundle of mutated bombers caught from the deceased Chaos Empire. The unit is much faster than the bomber whoever, giving your army a slick advantage.
  65. Mutant - A combination of 5 different Sludgebombs, the Mutant has somewhat high health, launching Sludgebombers at the enemy. 
  66. Atrocity - A combination of 80 Toxic Chomplings, the Atrocity is as powerful as the Stick Wars: Legacy final boss. With a combination of melee/ranged attacks, this unit is the strongest of any empire.
  67. ==The Ordell Empire==
  68. Destruction Worker - Able to attack by going underground, popping up straight under the enemy, gaining small amounts of gold in the process. Uses a drill and needs the factory.
  69. Duelswrath - A fleet of Swordwrath that crafted and wields duel fencing swords. Does cost 250 gold, and can attack much quicker than the Swordwrath, does have slightly less health.
  70. Drillbiter - A modernized miner with the fastest equipment around, the Drillbiters are improved miners used by the Ordell Empire, the Drillbiter cannot pray. Can also create a factory.
  71. Chaingrip - A soldier equiped with the latest weapon of destruction, the Chainbiter is twice as strong as the Swordwrath. Needs the factory.
  72. Musketeer - Were originally a small fleet Archidon whom discovered the use of gunpowder, inventing primitive muskets. Unit that wields a musket with a slow reload, can act as a sniper if necessary. Can be upgraded for grapeshots and/or laser sighting. Needs the factory.
  73. Revalien - A group of revolver-wielding Musketeer with the itch to fire, this unit is a somewhat weak, but has a higher firing rate than the Musketeer. Costs 200 gold and needs the factory to be built.
  74. Medical Engineer - Once a selection of the most elite Merics, now a unit that can heal and support any unit built by a factory. Only five of these units can be made.
  75. Destruction Worker - The Destruction Worker can throw up to 10 bombs, has to return to factory to reload. Costs 300 gold and 2 population.
  76. Mark I - The oldest and roughest tanks ever produced, these units can hold up to 20 shells before reloading back at the factory. Slow but operational, the Mark I costs 800 gold.
  77. Mark II - The slight improvement to the Mark I, this unit can hold up to 25 shells before reloading back at the factory.These units are slightly faster, and cost 1000 gold.
  78. Mark III - The improvement to Mark II, this unit is equiped with Lewis machine guns, and never has to go back to the factory. Being the same speed of the Mark II, this unit costs 1200 gold.
  79. Mark IV - An improvement of the Mark III, this unit is better armored and can hold up to 40 shells before reloading. These units cost 1400 gold.
  80. Nuclear Missile Array- A very slowly reloading machine that launches nuclear missiles. These deal extremely heavy damage per shot, but unfortunately, also friendly fire. Poisons and burns anything in the blast radius as well. It can fire at anything at any point in the map the fog of war does not cover. To compensate for it's huge destructive capability, missiles must be fired manually, the array has no other attack, and the shots have a two minute cooldown.
  81. ==The Brute Legion==
  82. Atrocity - A combination of 80 Toxic Chomplings, the Atrocity is as powerful as the Stick Wars: Legacy final boss. With a combination of melee/ranged attacks, this unit is one of the strongest of any empire.
  83. Frost Giant - Based off the Asgardian legend, the Frost Giant wields a heavy club in his right hand. After his health has been lowered halfway, he drops his club, walking near the mines, and pulls chunks of ore out of the ground. Using the ore as a boulder, then using his Frost Breath to finish off the opponent. The Frost Giant is weaker than all other giants. The Frost Giant legion is seperated into two empires.
  84. Myant - The original giants of the Midas Empire, the Myant came back armored in platinum. It costs 2100 gold.
  85. Diamiant - A diamond variant of the Ordell's giant, costs 2000 gold.
  86. Emiant - An emerald varient of the Ordell's giant, costs 1900 gold.
  87. Rubiant - A ruby varient of the Ordell's giant,costs 1800 gold.
  88. Sappiant - A sapphire varient of the Ordell's giant, cost 1700 gold.
  89. Ameythiant - An ameythst varient of the Ordell's giant, costs 1600 gold.
  90. Peridotiant - A peridot variant of the Ordell's giant, costs 1900 gold.
  91. ==The Sinz Gang==
  92. Siniwrath - A gang of pyschotic Swordwrath with the will to kill, the Siniwrath is a slightly stronger version of the Swordwrath that costs 200 gold. The Siniwrath can learn backstab, the ability to destroy a unit weaker than a Spearton with a swift stab to the skull. The Siniwrath is part of the Sinz Gang.
  93. Sinman - A group of hitman itching to kill, the Sinman is a ranged unit that has a high speed and low defence. This unit costs 500 gold each. The Sinman wields two pistols and a knife.
  94. Dealer - The smuggler of all things illegal, this unit can gain substancial amounts of gold in a small amount of time. Costs 250 gold each.
  95. Sindra - The cover fire of the gang, the Sindra has an extremely fast fire-rate. These units cost 400 gold each. The Sindra is equiped with a machine gun.
  96. Ratrin - The creatures of the sewers, the Ratrin are extremely cheap but weak, They cost 25 gold each.
  97. ==The United Nations of Ordell==
  98. Crewman - A modern Drillbit that weilds a faster drill, this unit gains an extremely high amount of gold. Costs 200 gold.
  99. Snidon - A powerful group of Musketeers with the newest technology available, the Snidon can eliminate up to an Spearton in one hit. Costs 800 gold.
  100. Gundra - An army of machine gun weilding men at your command, these units have an extremely fast fire-rate. These units cost 500 gold each.
  101. Rylmen - An older type of infantry unit that came back to serve the Ordell, these units have a lower reload than the Gundra, but a higher attack damage. These units cost 400 gold each.
  102. Gundwrath - A group of Gundras that ditched their machine gun for a pistol and knife, these units are very powerful up close, but weak from range. These units cost 300 gold each.
  103. boatman - a unit that travel over water, can take 3 units with it, this would be used in a map with water.
  104. ==The Brutallion Gang==
  105. Brodath - The knifemen of the Brutallion Gang, the Brodath are slaughterers used to kill as many units as possible as fast as possible. These units cost 250 gold each.
  106. Dealer - The same as the Sinz gang's Dealer, these units cost 250 gold each.
  107. Broden - A group of hitmen itching to kill, the Broden is a ranged unit that has a high speed and low defence. This unit costs 500 gold each. The Broden wields two pistols and a knife.
  108. Siegeman - The funders of Project Siege, the Siegemen can create the facility. A highly defensive facility that all of Project Siege uses.
  109. ==Project Siege==
  110. Trozeidon - Gundra that had been genetically morphed into a mechanical gunmen, who are much stronger than any before it. They've retreated to the strongest gang in Immorta, the Brutallion gang out of shame, becoming part of Project Siege.
  111. Siegren - The fugitives of the Ordell, the Siegren is a melee robotic organisms that are stronger than the original Swordwrath. Joining Project Siege after leaving the Ordell nation.
  112. Brutodra - A mechanical tank equipped with a large claw that can rip through metal, the Brutodra is highly defensive and offensive, but very slow. The unit costs 1600 gold.
  113. Treadra - A mechanical tank equipped with colossal treads that terrifies the likes of giants, the Treadra is extremely defensive, but not very strong. The unit costs 1500 gold.
  114. Mekandra - The first leap into the world of the future, the Mekandra is a mech that has extremely high attack and defense. The Mekandra can be controlled by a Trozeidon to boost the unit's stats. The unit costs 1800 gold.
  115. ==project afterbomb==
  116. afterbomb assassin - after the great unmake bomb, a large amount of afterbomb energy went all over the inamorta? the afterbomb assassin use the afterbomb to power their afterbomb daggers, they are strong units with a supershield, which prevents constant damage, 1 second of immunity after being attacked

Other random troop ideas here

  1. Nightwrath - the leaders of the Shadowrath, they have forsaken the use of their staff and sword to use two daggers. they teleport behind their opponent in a flash of smoke and slash at them from behind, dealing X2 damage. they also frequently dodge ranged attacks by rolling out of the way, hence the enmity between the Archidon and the Shadowrath. they have a passive unlockable ability, the art of daggers, which allows them to disengage from their opponents by teleporting away then proceeding to adorn the enemies bodies' with throwing knives. cost: 850 gold, 350 mana.
  2. Fireworks Battle Array- The first use of gunpowder was in the making of fireworks. So the inventors of fireworks weaponized them in this large, slow moving structure. a siege engine that launches 5 fireworks per shot and then has a 5 second reload. Can be absolutely devastating if used at the right time. The explosions one hit swordwrath. cost: 2000 gold 500 mana.
  3. Alchemist- A powerful, but extremely subtle and hard to use unit, that must gather various supplies, in order to create powerful effects. Some examples include splash potions that turn enemy units into harmless rabbits that give the first side to kill them gold, summoning a storm that causes units trapped beneath it to rot alive, be they friend or foe, summoning a dragon, a bottle of discord which when thrown at the enemy causes uncontrollable infighting within their ranks, and causing spikes, giant cherries, and the moon to start slamming into everything on the battlefield. The possibilities are endless. However, of course, specific criteria must be met to use these potent effects. Cost- 4000 gold, 250 mana, 1 spellcaster unit.