Enslaved Giants are large creatures belonging to the Order, after being converted from their previous state in No Man's Land and put into shackles to work under the Order's command.



Enslaved Giants

The enslaved giants are captured giants from the Chaos Empire,used to cause destruction at a range to the enemy. The Enslaved Giant has only one attack,to throw large boulders at enemies,which will knock them back and cause massive damage. Enslaved Giants move very slowly and cost a large portain of gold,but can turn the tides of battle to your favor when created


Growth: This allows the giants you create to become larger in size and have more health. This upgrade has two stages,each increasing the Giant's health farther.


The Enslaved Giant is the Order counterpart of the Giant of the Chaos Empire. These giants roam freely with the Empire and use clubs and dead units as weapons,causing stuns.