CLUBWRATH-stick war legacy episode1

CLUBWRATH-stick war legacy episode1


Order clubmen, the same as Clubwrath.

Clubwrath's History (Chaos)Edit

The Chaos Empire's Clubwrath is a former tribe that inhabited the gate to Medusa's capital. They represent the Chao's equivalent of the original clubwrath, having no true difference between the two.

Their attacks, except being possibly weaker, were exactly the same as the Order's clubwrath. From what we know, they could kick, stab, slash, and kick. They became extinct in the Chaos Expansion Wars.

Clubwrath's History (Order)Edit

Only available in Stick Wars and Stick Wars Legacy, the Clubwrath were the first soldiers of the Order. Created for the soul purpose of defending Order, which was a completely peaceful empire. The Clubwrath were armed miners, having little to no experience in combat, and being sent out as quickly as possible. The moves of the Clubwrath were the same as it's predecessor, albeit much weaker. Once the unit's sword is upgraded, the Clubwrath have formed into the Swordwrath.

Strengths Edit

The only strength of the Clubwrath is being in numbers, as weak as they are.

Weaknesses Edit

The Clubwrath are weak against Archidons, Speartons, Giants, and Magikill. Excluding the Miner for obvious reasons, the Magikill's minions are about as strong, possibly weaker.