Merics or Monks are th one that heals or cures freindly units,if you combine it with Edit

Archidones and a defensive stance called shield wall from the Speartons,it's best Edit

to defend your central tower,how?,read this,put any amount of Speartons in the frontEdit

line,press the shield wall button to create a defensive stance,make sure it is linedEdit

properly,now put any amount of Archidones behind the Speartons,and put  alsoEdit

any amount of of Merics/Monks behind the Archidones,make sure the Speartons isEdit

inside their healing range,o there is 1 trick for each unit to improve your defence,Edit

1.If melee units attacked your Speartons,hit the shild bash to stun them and do damageEdit

2.When you Archidones is attacking,hit the fire arrows do deal more damageEdit

3.when your Speartons or Archidones is poisoned,use your Meric/Monk to cure the poisoned inflicted units.Edit

Well thats all i can say now try it!.Edit