Bombers are units of the Chaos Empire. They are a basic unit. Like the Swordwrath, they can be extremely strong in numbers, and hard to hit. As their name suggests, they are suicide bombers.


A small stickman with TNT strapped around his back, and one in each of his hands.


Bombers are good for distracting enemy units, because melee units will aim for the nearest unit. Big numbers are ideal to distract, or destroy numerous enemies. They can be used as a hit-and-run strategy (although they will be dead by then, and cannot run when dead) to confuse and lower their health while the other troops come in to finish them off quickly. Their weakness is heavy damage. Bombers have light health, and a melee fighter. Ranged units such as Archidons and Enslaved Giants can pick them off at range so they wont attack.