"For we are the archidonis,with bows so accurutely piercing,they will fall before they get a chance to stand!"

-Archidonis rebel leader

The Archidonis are the first enemy you meet in stick war 1.

They are reavitively weak, but they have an advantage over a distance.


Archidons (in stick war 1) start out with a basic black arrow that does little damage(as to a fully upgraded spearton) but can increase as more archers are produced. Then they can shoot a yellow arrow that does more damage, a green arrow that does even more damage, and finally, a fire arrow that can kill a swordwrath with one carefully aimed shot. As the archers increase they can really help you out.


Archidons do best in numbers, as you can slowly get more and more due to their fair cost at 400 gold. Take advantage of its range so you can out-range the enemy by causing outstanding damage at the same time.They can shoot down Magikills'' and Swordwrath'' with ease if you use its range correctly.


Even though they seem unstoppable with their range, Speartons''and Giants'' can easily out-tank them and protect the damage for their weaker units until they get close enough to kill them. A Spearton'' alone can kill Archidons single-handily. Swordwraths'' in numbers can kill one or two Archidons without support, as they lack enough damage to kill them in time.

It's depends if how you use it. If you can take advantage of Archidons range against units, it'll work greatly for you. If you don't, units can easily overwhelm your Archidons and break the rest of your army.


The strengths have increased greatly for the Archidon in Stick Wars 2/Stick Empires. The maps you fight on are bigger, giving the Archidon a much longer range for the unit itself. Making it, truly unstoppable as you can outrange anybody and anything.


Due to a bigger map, Speartons'' can't kill them like before. So they still can tank massive damage for weaker units behind them, and those units could kill the Archidons. Magikills'' is the biggest weakness for archidons, since all their skills can kill them in seconds, making it a Archidons biggest weakness. Swordwrath'' are useless against Archidons due to the map, but can serve as early-game tanks till you get a ranged unit or Archidon of your own.


  1. Archidons was called '' Archidonis '' on the tutorial, before Order took the technology.

2. In the SW1 Armory, when you upgrade a Archidon fully. You can have it shoot Flaming Arrows, to give it a feel that you're burning your enemies to death.

3. In SW1, Archidons cost 400 gold. In SW2 they cost 350 gold. And in Stick Empires they cost 300 gold.

4. In Stick War Legacy, Archidons can have beautiful looking Quivers instead of flaming arrows.

5.In Stick Empires/Stick War 2, Archidons are the most popular ranged unit for Order Empire from newbies and pros alike, because of their good mobility and low cost.

6. In Stick Empires, Archidons are more popular than Albowtross because of their cheap price and its easier to put them out on the battlefield, this little buff makes a huge difference on pro gameplay.

7.In SW2, Archidons are one of the only three units available to the Order Empire.

8. In Stick war 1 Archidons we're really limited, and can easily be killed. This changed greatly in Stick Wars 2, as the surroundings changed to be bigger, it serectly gave a huge buff to the Archidons.

9. Many people underestimate Archidons, which easily caused a defeat, they are absolute beasts early game-mid game. Only In late game they slowly become useless, as magikills can giants become spammed easily.

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