Appearance Edit

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The Archidon's only piece of clothing in his wardrobe is his quilt, built to hold the arrows used on his bow. The type of bow the Archidon is using was never specified.

Strengths (Stick Wars) Edit

The Archidon, being the only true ranged unit in the game, is nifty as a support for other units. The reload and damage upgrades can produce 1-hit KO's to a Swordwrath with a proper headshot.

Weaknesses (Stick Wars) Edit

The Archidon, as shown throughout the game, is only useful with cover. Their low health and damage towards towers is not useful whatsoever. While technically not 100% true to anyone, the Archidon is harder to most people to control. Also, the unit is not cheap, at being approximately 400 gold to purchase.

Strengths (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire) Edit

The Archidon, while losing the status of the only true ranged unit, it gains a significant increase in use. The Archidon's firing style differentiates since the first game, allowing for much faster firing and almost flawless accuracy.

Weaknesses (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire) Edit

Archidon lost it's ability to instantly kill Swordwrath via headshots, and cannot be sent back into the castle as a Castle Archer like the first game.