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Albowtross FULL

The Albowtross or a flying crossbowman is an air ranged unit of the Order Empire as the Eclipsors are for the Chaos Empire.

The Albowtross' appearance is a crossbowman using mechanical wings to fly, it is stronger than the Eclipsor's but also more expensive than Eclipsor's.

History Background Edit

When the Chaos expansion war took place and conquered the peacful province of Dissentia the pepole of Dissentia were turned into Eclipsors but however some pepole managed to escape the Chaos invasion and went to the Order Empire's land to search for help, the Order Empire asked to join them and to become the Order's flying ranged units so the refugees of Dissentia accepted to join them and named them selves Albowtross to join with the Order empire and defeat the Chaos Empire to get their homeland back.

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